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!!IMPORTANT if you would like to run Analytix on your Honeycomb tablet, choose Analytix HD instead. This is optimized for Honeycomb tablets!

Analytix is an application for visualizing Google Analytics data near real-time(hourly view!!!) and is serving great and clean visualizations. I've been working with some of the best SEO experts to create a nice compilation of the most used features and most wanted data.

Analytix will visualize the following Google Analytics data:
1. Visits per date(year/month/week/day/hour via slider)
2. Top referring pages
3. Visits by country
4. Previous and next page
5. Search engines
6. Pageviews
7. Top keywords
8. Top landing pages
9. Top problematic pages
10. Top browsers
11. System information
12. Network information
13. Mobile traffic
14. Visitor based conversion rate
15. Revenues by date(year/month/week/day/hour via slider)
16. Total revenues by type
17. Social revenues
18. Social pageviews
19. Application pageviews(for android developers)
20. Application events(for android developers)
21. Adwords clicks and impressions
22. Adwords matched query
23. Total events
24. Event categories
25. Event actions
26. Event labels
27. Google Pagespeed
28. Pageload time

Analytics will visualize Google Analytics data with advanced graphics and charts. Compare today's results with yesterday or last week within 2 clicks!

In the preference screen you can define:
1. start-date
2. end-date(optional), today is default as end-date
3. number of results
4. which tabs should be visible
5. remove stored data

Feel free to contact me for requests and/or bugs/errors. This application is optimized for mdpi and hdpi devices and tested on several devices. If it doesn't work on your device please let me know!

For updates, follow Analytix on Twitter:

Precio: 1,49€
Version: 12.4
Requiere Android: 2.1 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 376k
Fecha: 25 de agosto de 2012

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