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Anemometer is an application, that measures wind velocity
by analyzing spectrum of sound, created by the air flow around your Android device. It is a wind speed meter in your pocket.
The app is useful for people, doing outdoor activities depending on the wind,
such as paragliding, kite surfing or sailing.
This wind speed meter uses quite sophisticated algorithm to extract wind speed range from zero up to about 15m/s, depending
on the device. This algorithm allows to filter out most of sounds, so that human voice, or
noise of trees on the wind do not affect measurement accuracy.
Before starting to use anemometer please set zero wind level: hold your device in silent no-wind conditions
and press "Set zero" item in menu. The value will be stored in persistent memory, so you don't need to
do it often. However, if you feel that zero level is wrong for some reason - just re-do it.

New method of anemometer calibration is added:
put phone side by side with the reference anemometer instrument to a constant air flow, click on Menu-Calibration Point and enter wind speed, measured
by reference device. Calibration constant will be re-calculated automatically.

When the anemometer is stopped measured data is saved to file (10 points per second). Directory Anemometer is created when you launch application for the first time.
Data files are located in this directory, names start from W and contain date and time of saving.
Saving data can be also forced during measurement by swiping the screen.

The linearity and calibration of wind speed meter are ensured for Samsung Galaxy S, other devices
may show deviations from linear response. Use with caution!

The application is created on the basis of Hermit libraries by MoonBlink (http://code.google.com/p/moonblink/).

This program Anemometer is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY!

Igor Kreslo
Precio: 2,50€
Version: 1.4
Requiere Android: 1.6 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 470k
Fecha: 28 de julio de 2012

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