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This application is designed to improve your chances of winning when you are betting using systems and also increase your winnings !

At this time there is over 70 systems , every week there is going to be new system from your proposals.

You can find list of all systems in this app on our face book page.

Now we will look one system closer so you could understand what the system is doing.
We will look at the system 12-9-6 analogy of 9/12 .
The original system 9/12 has 220 combinations.
The odds let it be 2.0 for all pair matches.
If you play 9/12 for 10 euros your minimum amount of gain will be 23.27 euros.
Our system 12-9-6 has 15 combinations, and its contained from 15 tickets whit 6 pairs per ticket.
If you play our system your minimum gain will be 42.66 euros.

The difference of the gain between the two systems is obvious.

In addition in our system you may be a winner with 6 and 7 matches nailed down, and the possibility of winning with 8 matches nailed down is almost 70%.

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Precio: 0,99€
Version: 1.5.5
Requiere Android: 2.1 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 1,6M
Fecha: 9 de enero de 2013
Nivel de madurez medio

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