This book is a practical guide to educate the children God gives us by inheritance, with divine wisdom,.

This book has about 83 chapters where important issues is about the true education of children. You will know from the enormous importance that has to do with prenatal education, until to practice reverence for sacred things that children should learn.

Some topics you will learn on this book are:

- The Key to Happiness and Success
- Practical Lessons from Nature's Book
- Neatness, Order, and Regularity
- Self-Denial, Unselfishness, and Thoughtfulness
- Self-Reliance and Sense of Honor
- How Character is Formed
- Parental Responsibility in Character Formation
- Study Age, Disposition, and Temperament
- Administration of Corrective Discipline
- The Church's Responsibility
- Teachers and Parents in Partnership
- Knowledge of and Obedience to the Laws of Life
- Teaching the Fundamental Principles of Dress
- Responsibility for Eternal Interests
- The Power of Prayer
- Reverence for that which is Holy
- Co-Ordination of Home and Church

And many more. We hope this app will be a blessing for your home and your children. God bless you.

Important. In order to listen the audio files, your device needs to be connected to Internet.

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