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The new Galaxy Nexus phone is out! You, the red ninja, can't wait to unbox it and lay hands on all of its great features. But wait! Black and white ninjas have decided to join forces and steal the precious phone from you! Crack your knuckles and get ready for a good old fashioned ninja fight. No one shall disturb you during the traditional Nexus Unboxing ritual!

Clash Of The Nexus Ninjas brings back memories from the classic 8-bits games. Kick and punch your way through 6 levels packed with enemies and ferocious bosses. Unleash your Nexus Power mode and watch your score go crazy as you make ninjas fly into the air!

Don't forget to go over to YouTube to see how it all started!

Monsieur Monsieur Boivin
Precio: Gratis
Version: 1.0
Requiere Android: 2.0.1 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 7,0M
Fecha: 17 de diciembre de 2011

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