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Unlocker application for DroidDia.

Please, before you purchase unlocker, download DroidDia LITE(FREE) and test it.

This application is an unlocker for DroidDia(LITE) application which transforms it into DroidDia(PRO).

Unlocker have to be installed on your phone, when you want to use DroidDia(PRO) functionality.

DroidDia allows you to make flow charts, org charts, Venn diagrams, mindmaps and do other diagrams with no constrains and as little effort as possible.

DroidDia is similar as Microsoft Visio, but for Android tablets and phones.


• Draw schemes of figures and lines in a vector format.
• Shapes - rectangle, diamond, ellipse, circle.
• Bitmaps from JPEG or PNG is supported
• Put labels and text in shapes or free floating.
• Select, move and scale.
• Change shape or bitmaps size, colors, opacity and other properties
• Change font size, font colors and font alignment
• Bring To Front - Send To back shapes
• Zoom
• Export to PNG, SVG

What Can You make with DroiDia:
• Flowcharts
• Organizational Charts
• Basic Charts and Graphs
• Audit Diagrams
• BPMN Diagrams
• Mind Maps
• Block Diagrams
• Data Flow Model Diagrams
• Venn Diagrams
• Web Site Maps

...and many others

LITE version:

* Diagram can have only 40 objects.
* Size of diagram can be only 1280x800. Autoresize function is disabled.
*Some libraries of shape is locked.
*Size of export only PNG can be only 1280*800 (1x)
*Exported PNG has DroidDia icon on right bottom corner

tags: bpmn, er-diagram,flowcharts, orgcharts,flow-charts, org-charts, painting, drawing, business, productivity, teamwork, team

Precio: 4,30€
Version: 1.0
Requiere Android: 2.2 o superior
Tamaño: 47k
Fecha: 20 de diciembre de 2012
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