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Free Workouts, Track Your Progress, Compare & Share with a Worldwide Community™

FitSync, the choice of leading health clubs and professional trainers worldwide since 2001...

Read what experts and REAL professional reviewers have been saying about FitSync...

MUSCLE & FITNESS: “FitSync gives you the next best thing to a gym buddy... download free training programs, log your workouts and compare your performance against a worldwide community.”

LIFEHACKER.COM (Alan Henry): "best in the Android App Market ... Think of FitSync as the heart of your Android gym."

MEN'S FITNESS: “All the tools you demand from a mobile workout companion... hyper-useful with online portals, sync your phone with a FitSync.com account, network with others ... the ultimate workout buddy.”

THE BIGGEST LOSER: "Furnished with a impressive library of exercises and workouts to choose from, as well as the ability to create your own, it’s no wonder FitSync is so highly regarded. When you’re not active getting active, the app’s seamless online integration gives you unlimited storage on your FitSync account, meaning all your precious stats are compiled to analyse till your heart’s content."

CNET: “FitSync might be just what you’re looking for. FitSync will track and organize exercises, help you put together a solid workout and log results with a tap or two.”

HEALTH NEWS: “FitSync is the closest thing to a personal trainer without the large expense and all the yelling. Downloadable exercise programs, track your progress, log your workout routines on your phone, compare your results to the rest of the country. For the ultimate motivation take the FitSync Challenge and push your fitness goals against friends, family or even strangers across the street or across the globe.”

Stephen Holt (ACE Trainer of the Year) “FitSync is perfect for anyone who's serious about getting in shape!”

John Basedow (Fitness Made Simple): "FitSync ... designed to teach you goal-oriented exercises with helpful diagrams ... how-to videos and record how many calories you are burning ... tracking features keep a log of what workouts you do"

Connect, compare and share with FitSync® - the world's first handheldWeb fitness network. (US patent #5,944,633). FitSync is a fully integrated handheld and Web application that gives you the convenience of handhelds, cloud storage, the ease of a desktop and the reach of the Internet.

With FitSync Premium You Get…
* FITSYNC ANDROID MOBILE APP - automatically get your scheduled workout each day, log workouts online or offline
* FITSYNC.COM WEB ACCOUNT - unlimited cloud storage plus Reports, Charts, Schedule, Rankings, BodyMap™, and more
* FREE LIBRARIES - pick from over 2200 exercises & videos, 840 workouts, and 96 multi-week programs, or create your own
* PROVEN RELIABILITY - Since 2001, used worldwide by top clubs, trainers, military, athletes, and individuals
* FREE UPGRADES - No extra charges, no hidden fees, no spamming, no ads, no gimmicks; just a pure fitness app

Already a FitSync member? If you already have a FitSync account, install FitSync Premium and login with your existing FitSync username and password. If you’ve just purchased a new FitSync account, email us at info(at)fitsync.com to transfer your purchase to your original FitSync account.

FitSync Corp.
Precio: 3,78€
Version: 3.1
Requiere Android: 2.1 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 134k
Fecha: 15 de septiembre de 2011

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