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Getjar Rewards is the best way to find new apps and earn free rewards!

Getjar provides personalized app recommendations and gives you free rewards for every app you try. Join the 20 million people that use Getjar to find apps!

Ever get tired of checking the Top Free lists for new apps? There are just too many apps and the categories are too broad. If you’ve been through this, Getjar Rewards will make your life so much easier. We’ll recommend specially tailored categories of apps, just for you. Need an SMS app, but aren’t sure which one? There’s a category just for that. How about a category of apps for making music or free Sudoku games? There are categories for those too!

Getjar puts all of the apps in Google Play into hundreds of categories. Find a category you like and try our top ranked apps within that category. You can search by app name, feature, or category, to find just the app you are seeking.

Getjar recommends categories based on the apps you have and how often you use them. If you love Pandora, we'll recommend other Streaming Radio apps, Music Download apps, and Song Recognition apps. Sometimes we'll find great apps that you didn't even know existed, but that people just like you use.

Get upgrades, bonuses, and unlocks in your favorite apps and games for free! Download any app and earn Getjar Gold, or download a sponsored app to earn even more Gold. Then spend that Gold to earn unlock the upgrades in some of the best apps on the market. Apps that accept Getjar Gold for purchases include Cut the Rope, GO Launcher, Hill Climb Racing, and more!

✪✪✪✪✪ "This app is amazing. I don't have to do anything differently than I normally do, but now I can level up in games and get ad-free versions of apps for free. It seems like every day there are more apps I can use my gold in. This is awesome." - Justin
✪✪✪✪✪ "Good way to find apps. Many new rewards apps now. The New category has good trending apps. I found a twitter app and a couple of fun games." - Chris

✓ Get new app and category recommendations just for you everyday!
✓ Browse your favorite categories like browser, antivirus, music, messenger, and SMS and hundreds of tailored categories like ninja games, zombie games, and group buying.
✓ Search by category, feature, or app.
✓ Earn free gold by doing what you already love to do – downloading apps!
✓ Spend your gold on app rewards from top Android developers.

All apps in Getjar Rewards are downloaded from Google Play.

What is Getjar Rewards?
Getjar Rewards helps you find the best free apps and free games in Google Play. It also has a loyalty program that rewards you with free upgrades inside your favorite apps.

How does it work?
By doing what you already do: downloading apps and games, you’ll earn Getjar Gold, our virtual currency. You can then spend the currency you earn in any app that supports Getjar Gold.

How do I earn GetJar Gold?
Check out all the apps and find ones you like. The first time you download and open any app, you will earn you Gold. If you haven't received Gold, please run the app and wait up to a minute. Please note that you will only receive Gold the first time you try an app. If you downloaded it and deleted it, you won't receive Gold.

How do I spend GetJar Gold?
Your gold can be spent in any app in the Getjar Gold program, including Hill Climb Racing and GO SMS. In these apps, you’ll be able to spend your gold on things like upgrades, extra levels, chips, etc. For a full list of apps that accept Getjar Gold, check out the Spend Gold category.

Why does the GetJar Rewards app run in the background?
The Getjar app runs in the background to make sure you get better, more personalized app recommendations. Rather than reading through all of the words in the app description and reviews, try our categories, which rank the best free apps for you.

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