Triumph Dining - America's #1 Gluten Free Publisher has sold over 100,000 of our Gluten Free Dining Cards empowering 10s of Thousands of our customers to eat safely in ethnic restaurants domestically and abroad. We have taken the content of our highly successful printed cards to Android with the release of this application. While this application presents your dietary needs in English and French so that a chef can understand your needs in their native language, they also come in Chinese, Spanish, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Here is what our customers have to say about them:

“My family loves ethnic foods. But communication can be a problem so I carry Triumph Dining cards in my purse — particularly the cards in Thai, Chinese, and Indian. They are so helpful in explaining the diet that most of the owners ask to keep a copy.”

- Beth Hillson, Glastonbury, CT (Founder, Gluten-Free Pantry)

“Thinking of taking a trip out of the country? Then get these cards!!! There is no doubt about it, if you travel and need to eat gluten free, these cards are a must. They fold up to fit in your wallet and are pretty sturdy so I am sure they will last a while.”

- Gluten Free Post

“I love the cards and have been singing their praises on [the] forum, brainstorm's gluten sensitivity forum and In fact some people ordered them after I explained how they are geared to the specific types of food offered in those restaurants and wrote to say they were pleased as well. I am getting ready to go on vacation and am going to give them a great workout!”

- Terri Collins, Oak Hill, VA

“I had my trusty Triumph dining cards, and I showed the Chinese one to both owners. They were interested, and went to great lengths to understand what I needed. We ended up with two amazing dishes.”

- Fear and Loathing in the Kitchen Blog

“I love the cards! I have only eaten at a few places but the wait & kitchen staff seemed to understand what I needed and knew what ingredients to ask questions about. It made my dining experiences terrific.”

- Judy Pavlik, Lincoln, NE

“Before going to a restaurant…order the gluten free cards from Triumph Dining — they list different cuisines in 8 - 10 different languages…they are extremely helpful if you like to try different restaurants on a regular basis. It beats bringing your own list (which I used to do) because these ones are pocket size and laminated.”

- Gluten Free in Boston Blog

“It makes eating out so much easier and safe. We were on vacation in Mexico for a week and I used the Spanish card. It was a great help as most of the chefs understood very little English, but they could read the Spanish card with no problems. All week they made gluten free meals for me and they were excellent. At one restaurant I was going to order the grilled pork chops until the chef came out to tell me they were marinated. He then suggested another entree which was safe for me to eat. Thanks for making my dining experiences so enjoyable.”

- Carolyn Stollberg, Franklin, WI

Triumph Dining
Precio: 0,72€
Version: 1.0
Requiere Android: 2.1 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 1,1M
Fecha: 16 de septiembre de 2011

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