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Android does not natively support opening ICS, iCal, iCalendar, or Microsoft Outlook vCalendar files. This can be very annoying when you receive a calendar invite and can't add it to your calendar.

ICS Importer solves this. Simply download the ICS attachment and click View from your favorite Android email client and the entry will be imported into your calendar.

Supports iCal, ICS, vCalendar, Microsoft Outlook, iCalendar entries. Basically, any file that ends with .ics will work as long as it follows the vCalendar format.


* Supports Outlook "auto update," so you can respond to an invite with Accept or Decline and it will auto-update the sender's calendar. Simply press the "Accept & Import (Outlook)" button.
* Supports locations, multiple recipients, accepting and declining events in both Outlook and iCalendar format.

Note: Outlook response emails will come from noreply@auri.mobi. This is an Android limitation to how mail is sent - otherwise you would have to enter your username and password. If you want that feature, let me know and I'll add it. :)

I wrote this out of necessity and have spent a good deal of
time making it work with different formats. If you run into a calendar file that won't work, please email me and I'll try to update the app to support your format.

A few notes:

* You will not see an application icon in your launcher. ICS Importer runs as a "file handler," meaning it's only available when you try to open a file with an extension of .ics or a "MIME" type of "application/calendar". I cannot intercept your emails - they *must* have the attachment.
* In some cases you will need to select "Save" and then "View" for ICS Importer to appear in the list of options. This is a limitation of Android, sorry.

IMPORTANT: This app supports opening, importing, and responding to meeting requests sent as ICS and vCalendar files. However, if you don't get a file attachment, this app can't open it. Sorry, it's a limitation of Android - I can't read your emails, which for privacy reasons is a good thing. Most people won't run into this issue, but just making sure you're aware!


Auri Group LLC
Precio: 0,76€
Version: 1.4.1
Requiere Android: 2.3.3 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 486k
Fecha: 14 de junio de 2013

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