Learn Argentine Tango with Alex Krebs Vol 2: Intermediate Tango

In this instructional app we will go beyond the basics of dancing Argentine Tango to explore more turning options, pausing options, as well as boleos and volcadas.

Alex Krebs, internationally reknown dancer/teacher, will guide you step by step on the proper technique, execution and musicality of these subjects.

App includes over 30 minutes of total video, in English, explaining in depth the technique for leaders and followers.

Videos are separated into themes, including:
1. Welcome
2. Infinite Right Turn
3. Infinite Left Turn
4. Pausing Step #1
5. Pausing Step #2
6. Sacada from the Cross System
7. Boleos
8. Parada #1
9. Parada #2
10. Parada #3
11. Front Volcada
12. Back Volcada
13. Combining the Elements #1
14. Combining the Elements #2
15. Combining the Elements #3
16. Combining the Elements #4
17. Demo Using All the Elements
18. Etiquette

Alex Krebs is joined by established dancer/teacher Jenna Rohrbacher.

Videos are filmed at Tango Berretin studio.

Tango Berretin LLC
Precio: 7,71€
Version: 1.0
Requiere Android: 2.1 o superior
Tamaño: 2,5M
Fecha: 14 de marzo de 2013
Para todos los públicos

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