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Learn English with Mawuood Academy!
Do you want to learn , test and improve your English vocabulary easily?
With this app you can learn , test and improve your English easily !!



- Over 200 words with sound , photo , spelling and meaning.

- For each word you will find a correct pronunciation (via native speaker) and translation to your mother language

- High quality audio

- No internet connection needed

- All the words have been sorted into different categories such as Animals, Birds ,Body... etc

- Each section or category contains 4 sub quizzes

- How well can you spell? Spelling quiz with sound

- How good are you at listening? Test your listening skills with Listening Quiz

- English Vocabulary Quizzes Using Images are probably the most common and easiest way to learn English

- Singular/Plural Nouns Quizzes

- As well as 5 random quizzes as Main quizzes.

- Each quiz contains 20 question

- Storing all the quizzes results in database.

- You can follow up the level of your progress

- You can delete the result of any quiz whenever you want.

- More resources , in our Yutube channel (Mawuood Academy )there are over 768 videos to help you learn seven languages such as English , Spanish , French , German , Chinese , Turkish and Persian(requires an internet connection).

- This app supports English as default and it supports Arabic , Chinese , Russian ...etc as interface languages

Mawuood Salih AL-ghazali
Precio: Gratis
Version: 2.2
Requiere Android: 2.1 o superior
Tamaño: 12M
Fecha: 31 de mayo de 2012
Para todos los públicos

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