Logo Quiz Country flag is a free unlimited fun trivia game. It’s a brilliant game that incorporates a dual quiz – pertaining to logos as well as flags of various countries.

This game consists of two parts…Choose from more than 1500+ logos and play 40+ levels of this quiz game for world famous logos as well as country flag quiz for 199 countries!

If you are a genius in knowledge of brands logo and companies, test your skill in this logo quiz ultimate fun game.
No Idea for identification of logo? Take a hint and ready for the next challenge. You can even go in for a lifeline (for which up to 10 lifelines are provided).

Increase your life line by sharing on social media with friends and family members.

The best part of this game is that you are provided with two game play modes
1. Identify the logo and type the correct name
2. Bored typing the words, the game is provided with four options, you just need to tap on the correct options to complete the logo.
Identify as many logos as possible to unlock more levels. As you complete each level, the difficulty will increase.
This game might look simple, but it’s a useful memory aid and a fun game combined into one! It racks your recollection power and helps you learn in a fun as well as entertaining manner.
This game is enjoyable and can be played whenever you want…whether you are waiting for your next flight or simply traveling on the subway. The gameplay is simply absorbing and is worth every second of your time!

1. Easy to Load and have a fun immediately!
2. Awesome and sophisticated graphics make you feel relax
3. More then 1500+ logos of different companies and brands.
4. Country flag quiz across the world.
5. Each and every logo, there are two hints and one life line to reveal the logos.
6. Share with friends and family on social media to increase the lifeline.
7. Game statistics with how many levels cleared, Logos solved, Stars collected, Points collected, Hints and Lifeline used.
8. Dual play option Type or Tap selection option.
9. Did not make good score first time, no problem reset the game and play it again.

This game involves loads of fun as you try to guess the names of various world famous logos and point out the various flags and rack your brains to determine which country these flags belong to.

Users who love to play logo quiz, world famous logo, logo by country, logo fun then this is just a perfect game for you.

More levels coming soon! Face the challenge now!


All logos shown or represented in this game are protected by copyright and/or are trademarks of their respective corporations.This app, not anyone associated with it, claims any ownership (copyright or otherwise) of any logos used in this app

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Precio: 0,95€
Version: 1.1
Requiere Android: 3.0 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 16M
Fecha: 25 de febrero de 2016

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