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Angel mommy is having a new baby kitty! Kittens are so adorable and tiny, don't you want to see them sooner? Come help mommy cat with her pregnancy! Then help care for little kittens when they are born! Pregnant mommy cat is just as important as us human babies! The birth process is just as difficult and precious. Come help out Angel mommy right here!

This is a fun rescue and checkup game you can play with your friends! Mommy cat is about to go on a trip, but her new born is making things hard for her. Do everything you can to checkup on her and care for her every need.

- Take care of a pregnant mommy and her new born kids.
- Give her checkups for the trip ahead.
- Dress the babies in costumes, fun clothes and cute outfits.
- 9 fun activities to play.
- Play a fun rescue and checkup game with babies!

How to Play:
- Use the touch screen to play with mommy and each baby.
- Add clothes, makeup, accessories with the touch screen.
- Give mommy a checkup before she goes on her trip.
- Don't forget to feed and bathe your baby!

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Precio: Gratis
Version: 1.0
Requiere Android: 4.0 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 28M
Fecha: 3 de abril de 2015
Nivel de madurez bajo

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