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Random music flash card generator! Use the Staff Card and Quiz modes to practice and test sight-reading in the staff. Use Note Name mode to practice positions on your instrument, chords and many other applications. Great for all instruments and musicians of all levels!

Notes in Staff and Quiz modes can be limited by clef, accidental and range. Limit to only bass or treble clef, only sharps, flats or naturals, or only a few notes at a time.

Notes in Note Name mode can be limited by accidentals, major or minor scales.

Use the auto-switch timer for hands-free use. Start slow with 10 second intervals and challenge yourself or students to get to 1 second!

MusEd Mobile
Precio: 0,99€
Version: 3.2
Requiere Android: 1.1 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 545k
Fecha: 19 de julio de 2013

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