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**** Root Required ****

For ATT & Other Carriers who block Unknown Sources & Force Install from Market! Sideloading is a thing of the past!

This app by bandroidx enables the unknown sources check box on your ATT phone allowing you to install apps from outside the android market as it should be on all android phones. This app gives YOU the ability to decide by checking the box on and off. You also will now be able to install the Amazon App Store TM, and install apps from the Amazon AppStore.

The app also give you ability to return the phones settings back to stock, removing the option and disabling the unknown sources completely.

The app does require root to perform its task BUT does not need root after it has given you the unknown sources option. So if you don't want to root your phone you can just use the temp root option in superoneclick or z4root (search google or look on xda for super1click) then run the app to enable non-market app installs and then reboot your phone and your phone will no longer be rooted but you will still have the unknown source option!

Confirmed 100% working on Motorola Atrix, Motorola Bravo, Motorola Flipside, Reported working on Motorola Flipout and now BackFlip.

Now supports Samsung, HTC and other non-motorola phones, please email me your model so I can add it to the 100% working list! If it doesnt work on your model please email me the device id! It should be working on all models!

Now Confirmed working on the Captivate (and now Galaxy Tab), you will not see the unknown sources check box, but will be able to install non-market apps after running this app. Working on getting the checkbox showing for next release.

Yes, the app works on galaxy S phones, you will not see the unknown sources check box and the app will warn you of this but you WILL be able to install non-market apps. There seems to be confusion on this point.

Precio: 1,18€
Version: 0.3.3
Requiere Android: 2.1 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 870k
Fecha: 13 de mayo de 2011

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