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Nosh is a fun way to share what you eat and find out what's good everywhere.

• Rate and review dishes, not places. After all, it's the food that matters.
• Keep up with friends and see what they're eating. Follow friends, or anyone so long as they have great tastes! 
• Find out "what's good here". No more relying on the waiter.  
• Browse menus by the highest rated items, what your friends have had, or any other way you choose.
• Check out photos of the food before you order. 
• Comment on friends' food experiences. 
• Track what you've had and where. Never forget a food adventure. 
• Instant sharing to Facebook and Twitter.

Picture this: you're hungry, at a new restaurant, and you don't know what to order. You're really hungry. There is no room for order-error here. You tell the waiter your predicament and ask "what's good". A blank stare, a pause, and his eventual response of "everything" is troubling as you stare at a menu longer than the morning paper. You take a chance, order the duck because it sounds big, and anxiously await its arrival. Minutes later you are confronted with what perhaps once was a duck, but now looks more like a deflated bird and a bone. You attempt to find an edible portion but are unsuccessful. You leave, even hungrier than before, longing for a better way to eat out.

We don't want this dining mishap to happen to you again. Download Nosh and ensure you will never go hungry again


Visit our website at http://www.nosh.me

Firespotter, LLC
Precio: Gratis
Version: 1.4
Requiere Android: 2.0 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 3,0M
Fecha: 18 de abril de 2013
Nivel de madurez bajo

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