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We all know that fast food doesn’t quite cut it, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. That’s why PaleoGoGo is here to help. It’s like carrying a personal Paleo/Primal assistant in your pocket, for less than the cost of your meal!
Get instant access to over 2,000 custom created, hand-selected meal options tailored to the Paleo(~ish) diet. US restaurants only.

PaleoGoGo helps you stay Paleo(~ish) whether you’re traveling, eating out with family, or dining with coworkers. Have fast access to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recommendations for 300+ chain restaurants!

PLUS PaleoGoGo provides tips on how to build your own Paleo meals at over a dozen different restaurant types.


The PaleoGoGo app packs a lot of value, for those times you’re in a Paleo pinch.

* Access 2,000+ Meal Recommendations While On the Go
* We Take the Guesswork Out of Eating Out with Pre-Selected, Complete Meal Options
* Meal Suggestions For Over 300 of the Nation’s Top Chain Restaurants
* Simple and Easy-To-Use Interface Makes It Fast and Hassle Free
* Build a List of Favorite Restaurants for Quick Access
* Can’t Find Your Restaurant? Use the “Meal Type” Search To Find General Meal-Building Suggestions For Over A Dozen Restaurant Types

How Much Variety Does the App Offer?

* Breakfast contains 2 – 3 options, where applicable
* Lunch and Dinner contain 3 options each, with little overlap
* Some restaurants even contain a Snack option, for those times when you need something light to hold you over

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Urban Stone Age LLC
Precio: 2,79€
Version: 1.1
Requiere Android: 1.5 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 130k
Fecha: 14 de agosto de 2011

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