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Fun tutorial on paper quilling offers free Paper Quilling tutorials, instructions and designs to learn how to quill.
Enjoy making fun and beautiful pieces with premium quilling paper.

Tutorial Details:
1. Tips for the Paper Quilling Beginner. Basic Quilling Tips and Tricks For Children (listen to the audio)
2. Basics of Quilling: Quilled Flower Tutorial (listen to the audio)
3. Quilled Chandelier and Simple Craft Ideas
4. Friendships day card with quilling: Quill a friendship card this Friendship's Day with the help of this 7 step tutorial by Hobby Ideas
5. Independence Day Craft Ideas - Jewellery For Patriotism
6. LOVE Themed Photo Frame
7. Quilling for Kids - DIY Keychain So here is a project on paper quilling for kids.
8. Paper Quilling: Kite Earrings
9. Image gallery: A collection of paper quilling designs

Embellish all of your upcoming paper crafts with beautiful paper quilling designs.
Follow these easy instructions and make your own beautiful designs!
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Requiere Android: 4.0.3 y versiones superiores
Fecha: 14 de junio de 2017

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