PhotoZipper is a specialized tool for photos compression and transmission.

■PhotoZipper will be useful when you want to:
* Backup all your photos
* Transfer the backup files to your pc easily
* Send a lot of photos to your friends

■It's simple to use in just 4 steps
1. Start PhotoZipper
2. Select photos(It is possible to select all or individually)
3. Zip the selected photos.(It is possible to set the password of zip file)
4. Transfer the zip file by e-mail, Dropbox, Wi-Fi Transfer

* Photo Compression(Multitasking support)
- All selected and non-selected photos are available.
- It is possible to resize compression when compressing. (Vertically and horizontally compressed image resized to 50%)
- The compressed file can be encrypted (password grant).
- You will be able to extract the compressed file.
* Zip Transmission
- Mail, Dropbox, Wi-Fi Transfer

* It is necessary to obtain position information is set to ON to refer to the picture data.
Settings -> location-based services -> On (To ON also set individual PhotoZipper)
* This app will not be saved and sent to collect location information.
* Compression speed is dependent on the size of the selected photo.
* The file size that can be transferred at a time, to comply with the limits for a destination.
* Depending on your environment and the compressed file size, transfer speed is different.
* Previous users of PhotoZipper ver1.2
-If you do not update to "PhotoZipper v1.3", DropBox transfer will not be available.
-Sorry! If you PhotoZipper ver1.3 update, Historical data (setting Dropbox account, ZIP file) will be lost.

TDR Co., Ltd.
Precio: 0,91€
Version: 1.4.1
Requiere Android: 2.2 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 491k
Fecha: 18 de julio de 2013

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