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Want to play a game that puts you in the pilot’s seat of your favorite plane and you can battle the enemy in a battle of wits and nerves? If yes, then this game is just for you!

Try to fly through an incredible alien galaxy

In this 2D game for kids and even grown-ups, it’s time to seek attack and destroy! Battle ship, enemy planes, and weird mountains that make the airspace a tough ride for even an ace pilot like you. As a default option, you are given a ‘Mig 21’ to fly and battle all things evil. In the power plane game, you are the power pilot and the enemy has no place to hide!

Hit ‘PLAY’ to start the game to beautiful background music and a wondrous backdrop of colourful mountains.

As you encounter various obstacles, you can pick up points by shooting at them as they come across the screen. You can even pick up a chest full of coins, which can increase your points several notches up! With nitro boost, you can boost your speed through the airspace! Pick up a magnet to pick up all the coins in the vicinity.

Swipe the screen up or down to manoeuvre the plane and tap the shoot button on the bottom right button to shoot. As you gain more points, you can even shop for a new plane against the points that you have scored.

You even encounter rain, ice, and snow as you move forward. Make sure you don’t crash into the mountains, into enemy planes or hit the obstacles on the way, or else the game is over for you! Enjoy this game for hours on your
mobile phone or tablet, as this really engrossing game is a great time killer after boring school hours or while you are traversing through the city in the subway.

Enjoy this christmas with action fun game !!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

12 Aplicaciones
Precio: Gratis
Version: 1.1
Requiere Android: 2.3.3 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 29M
Fecha: 25 de diciembre de 2015

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