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Calculus may not seem very important to you but the lessons and skills you learn will be with for your whole lifetime!

Calculus is the mathematical study of continuous change. It helps you practice and develop your logic/reasoning skills. It throws challenging problems your way which make you think. Although you may never use calculus ever again after school or college, you will definitely hold on to the lessons that calculus teaches you.

Things like time management, how to be organized, how to accomplish things on time, how to perform under pressure, how to be responsible are just some of the things Calculus helps you become proficient in. Traits that will help you succeed.

Calculus plays a big role in most universities today as students in the fields of economics, science, business, engineering, computer science, and so on are all required to take Calculus as prerequisites.

Our Pre-Calculus guide is a preliminary version of Calculus containing over 300 rules, definitions, and examples that provides you with a broad and general introduction of this subject. A valuable pocket reference to have on your phone.

Topics include:

1. Matrix Definition
2. Matrix Addition, Subtraction and Scalar Multiplication
3. Matrix Multiplication
4. Matrix Multiplication Example
5. Augmented Matrix for a System of Equations
6. Solving Augmented Matrices
7. Solving by Gauss-Jordan Elimination
8. Gauss-Jordan Elimination (continued)
9. Special Types of Matrices
10. 2 x 2 Matrix Determinant
11. 3 x 3 Matrix Determinant: Expansion by Minors
12. Determinant of a 3 x 3 Diagonal Multiplication
13. Cramer’s Rule for Solving 2 Linear Equations
14. Cramer’s Rule - Example of solving 2 Equations
15. Cramer’s Rule for 3 Equations in 3 Unknowns
16. Cramer’s Rule - Example of solving three Equations
17. Inverse of a 2 x 2 Matrix
18. System of Equations by Inverse Matrices
19. Area of a Triangle Using Matrices
20. Test for Collinear Points Using Matrices
21. Finding Equation of a Line Given Two Points
22. Conic Sections
23. Ellipses
24. Ellipse Whose Center is at the Origin
25. Ellipse with Center at the Origin Example
26. Ellipse Translation
27. Ellipse Translation Example
28. Equation of an Ellipse in Standard Form
29. Hyperbola
30. Hyperbola Standard Form
31. Hyperbola Standard Form (continued)
32. Hyperbola Centered at the Origin Example
33. Hyperbola Translation
34. Hyperbola Centered at the Origin Example
35. Parabolas
36. Parabola Equation with Vertex at the Origin
37. Diagrams of Previous Page Parabolas
38. Parabola Equation with Vertex (h, k)
39. Polar Coordinate Plane
40. Polar Coordinate System - Plotting Points
41. Multiple Representation of points
42. Coordinate Conversion
43. Examples of Conversion
44. Equation Conversion
45. Polar Equations Graphing
46. Special Graphs – Limaçons
47. Special Graphs - Rose Curves
48. Special Graphs - Circles & Lemniscates
49. About Pre-Calculus
50. Support Page

Even if you dont use Calculus, this app sure is a cool way to show-off some high IQ!

Like all our 'phoneflips', this fast and lightweight application navigates quick, has NO Adverts, NO In-App purchasing, never needs an internet connection and will not take up much space on your phone!

Portrait & Landscape mode supported.

Thank you!

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