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Ever wonder if you are being paid fairly? How well you do compared to your peers? Would you not like to have a tool that will get you an upper hand on your salary negotiation whether for the same job or new job search?

SalaryMania lets you search for relevant income information across the United States. Search by keyword, company name, position, zip code, city, state, and/or salary range. All information is drawn from a large, regularly updated salary database.

Use SalaryMania to compare your salary to others, find the best-paying companies for a particular sector, research pay scales for various states and regions, and more. Don't flounder around in your next job interview and guess at your true value--find out what you should be paid with this helpful app.

We value your inputs please send email to support@salarymania.com for suggestions, comments or issues.

Precio: 1,99€
Version: 1.6
Requiere Android: 2.1 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 414k
Fecha: 5 de noviembre de 2012

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