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Experience lagging when playing games? Hard to find your installed games? Want more game play time but battery drains too fast?
Swift Gamer, the game boost app choice for users who want to boost phone speed and make their games run faster.
1. One tap game boost
Just one tap in Swift Gamer, your games launches faster than before and runs without any lagging.

2. Manage games
Swift Gamer automatically scans installed games and let you find them easily.

3. Home screen game folder support
Create home screen game folder to find and start game easily.

4. Save battery
Swift Gamer can save battery and extend 60%+ game play time.

5. Cool down your phone
Your phone's temperature will cool down dramatically after game boost.

6. White list support
You can add important apps to white list to avoid being cleaned when boost games.

*How it works
Swift Gamer cleans background apps and stop them from automatically restart to free memory and CPU resources before starting your game.

*How to use
Open Swift Gamer, tap on the game you want to boost and it's done, your phone will be cleaned and your game will start automatically.
You can add your games and apps to boost list. To instant access your games, create Games folder on home screen.

*Contact us
We would really appreciate your feedback and any comments. If you are filling generous with your time, please take a moment and let us know what you think of Game Booster via review or contact our support E-mail mivamobi@gmail.com, it's very important to us, Thank you.

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Precio: Gratis
Version: 1.0.6
Requiere Android: 4.0 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 596k
Fecha: 26 de febrero de 2016

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