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Namaste! Here we are, once again with The Big Fat Royal Indian Post Wedding Rituals game. In here, it's all about, the Bride and the Groom, lots of fun-filled rituals, emotions, wedding games etc, will be there. This Royal Indian Post Wedding game is defining all information and rituals which happens after wedding rituals are over and they are officially Bride and groom.

Enjoy each and every post-wedding ceremony in this Indian Wedding Game
Post-Indian Wedding Rituals and Ceremonies:

Vidai Ceremony in Hindu Wedding (Indian wedding blessing):

The Vidai is one of the most emotional parts among all the ceremonies. This emerges out as the most painful moment of all, as it's time for the bride to leave her house. Before crossing the doorstep, she throws back three handfuls of rice and coins over her head, into the house. The bride's family and friends bid her a teary farewell. With this, they also bless her for a happy married life. The father of the bride takes her to the car or the Doli and hands her to the groom.

Griha Pravesh Ceremony (Bride's Entry Into The New Home):

Griha Pravesh is most prominent, post-wedding ritual. After the Bidaai the new bride is welcomed into her new abode which is dotted with various customary games and rituals that acts as an ice-breaker for the nervous bride.
During the Griha Pravesha, mother-in-law applies a Tilak to both the bride and groom, after which the couple seeks blessing from the elders present there.

Ring finding ceremony (Fishing the Ring Game):

Ring finding ceremony is small traditional Indian wedding game after the wedding. In this game, the couple is made to sit facing each other with a bowl of milk in front of them. A ring is dropped into the bowl and the newlyweds are asked to find the ring. Whoever gets the ring maximum time out of seven is declared as the winner.

Let's have some fun and let's see who wins the Ring finding game.

Wedding reception:

The last ceremony after the wedding is known as reception. As per the tradition, the wedding is primarily organized by the bride's family, however, the reception might be an exception. It is the first public appearance of the newlywed couple after their marriage. The reception is usually organized by the family of the groom and is a sort of a grand party. The friends and associates mainly from the groom's side attend this ceremony. From the bride's side, only the close members are invited. So enjoy this wedding reception ceremony in this wedding decoration game.

The venue of reception should be very beautiful. Let's decorate the venue by choosing the carpet, entrance, flower bouquet and much more.

Tap on the heart button when nobody watching them and enjoy the big kiss. Beware don't get caught you.

Don't forget to take indian wedding couple photos. Husband and Wife have the best photographs for their special day.

We Hope you like to play all the parts of Royal Indian Wedding game (1) The Big Fat Royal Indian Pre Wedding Rituals, (2) The Big Fat Royal Indian Wedding Rituals, (3) The Big Fat Royal Indian Post Wedding Rituals.

Download this Indian Wedding Ceremonies Game now and know more about Indian culture in a fun way.

Enjoy this wedding game and don't forget to share it with all your friends and family members.

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