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This fingernotes app was designed to give a complete picture of every note on a note by note basis. The sound, notation and all fingerings are presented in the simplest way possible. The features include:

Range. The range feature helps the student to acclimatise themselves with every note available. The quality sound, the simple layout and the six navigating buttons all make this less intimidating.

Random. The random feature is useful as after a while you will become familiarised with the 'range' and will need to challenge yourself.

Test. The test feature is very useful. You will first hear the note and see the written note. By tapping the > button the name of the note is revealed and the sound of the note is played again. Also an outline of the fingerings is revealed. By tapping the > button again the note is played again and the correct fingering revealed. Tapping the >> button will take you to the next random note.

Theory. The theory feature gives handy access to key theory elements vital to understanding music.

Major Scales. Similar to the range feature, the twelve major scales are provided in such a way as to be understood and accompanied with your own instrument. All notes within the range are utilised with the start and end of each scale marked with green lines. Tap the play button and the scale will loop indefinitely.

With amazing sound, this app has been designed to be as simple, efficient and user friendly as possible. Ultimately our aim has been to remove the intimidation many people feel when confronted with the code of notes that makes up music.

The fingernotes range of apps include recorder, piano, flute, clarinet, tuba, saxophone, oboe, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, and horn (french horn).


Precio: 2,37€
Version: 1.0.0
Requiere Android: 2.2 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 1,5M
Fecha: 27 de enero de 2012

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