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VPET is a FREE Digimon Digivice Virtual PET simulator for your Android Device.

Although, it was not perfect simulator, but VPET can try to simulate the real device upto 50%~70% of its function from real device.

You can train your Digimon, Battle with your friend's VPET via WIFI, Internet, or BlueTooth, and digi-evolve as the time pass.

VPET can simulating up to 4 devices, so that you can train together and battle 2 devices together in same Android device by using loopback connection.

This app might not work on all devices, because of different Android device resolution... If you found out that VPET not support your resolution, please drop me an email with the device you have, so that I can add the resolution into next version

For VPET game guide, visit:
(very good guide, and has many information about each digivice)

Note: This app I created for my enjoyment and can be freely use and not licensed/endorsed by Bandai. No warranties will be provided if something goes wrong.
All original character designed by Bandai.

Precio: Gratis
Version: 5.0
Requiere Android: 1.6 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 327k
Fecha: 27 de julio de 2012

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