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Connect to the best available WiFi access points in 2 taps! ;)

Having been to a place, like a mall or coffee place wondering if there are any open WiFi around you and not wanna go through all the menus just to check it out? Let this app do it for you!

♦ One of the easiest most convenient WiFi Apps you'll find
♦ Includes a wifi network speed booster
♦ Includes 1 press search for best remembered wifi networks
♦ Includes 1 press search for best open wifi networks
♦ Very lightweight WiFi Connectivity Manager with Easy Connect and booster

=========== DISCLAIMER ===========
♦ By downloading the application, you're releasing the developer from any damage or harm this application may cause to you or to anyone else, including your device, including everything. Use the application at your own risk and read the permissions required.

♦ Any issues with the application such as copyright violations and such, please contact me and I'll be glad to remove them immediately.

♦ Any issues with the application regarding violation of Google Terms and Conditions, please contact me and I'll be glad to fix them immediately.

♦ Please let me know if the app contains any content that may seem to be offensive to you or to anyone. I will be glad to do changes for you if necessary.
=========== DISCLAIMER ===========

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Requiere Android: 2.1 o superior
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Fecha: 27 de marzo de 2012
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2 comentarios de WiFi Booster Easy Connect Pro

  1. Como lo descarga

  2. diego ignacio calderon venegas

    bueno muy bueno