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**As seen on CBS, Extra, SELF Magazine, Muscle and Fitness and more!** Find your Fit with ZimFit, featuring best selling author and celebrity trainer Steve Zim’s methods to achieve your Hollywood body!

ZimFit is a personalized workout and fitness program designed to go where you do. In fact, Steve Zim himself shows you how to do every move with videos! Steve has been working in Hollywood for over 20 years helping celebrities and sports professionals get into shape fast. You’ve seen him featured on the Today Show, Extra, and Entertainment Tonight as well as in magazines such as SELF, Shape, Men’s Fitness, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan. Now the author of multiple #1 selling fitness books is bringing his revolutionary program to the Android platform.

Who should use ZimFit:
•First time exercisers – First timers will be shown how to do the exercises from a 20-year celebrity fitness trainer that will tone their muscles and begin to burn calories that burn fat. You will benefit from weight loss as well as muscle gain, which increases your metabolism and burns fat throughout the day. Diets alone won’t do that.

•Intermediate level exercisers – Many people would like to have a personal trainer to help motivate and fine-tune a workout for their needs. ZimFit is designed to do exactly that without the high cost of a personal trainer. Each day, a unique workout is designed for you based on your body type and your gender. You pick the weights and do the exercise based on instruction from Steve Zim himself. This is the workout used by celebrities including Chris Evens (Fantastic Four), Leila Ali, Jessica Biel, Ashley Judd and many others.

•Experienced exercisers – Those who have exercised for years usually plateau in growth or strength. The ZimFit workout maximizes development of each muscle area and focuses on development in areas not typically developed. In addition, the app provides a different workout every day so your muscles don’t stop growing because of repetition. Olympians and Professional Athletes alike have used this workout for over 20 years.

ZimFit includes the following state of the art features:
•Customized workout by gender and body type
•Choose gym vs. home/travel – Great for business travelers!
•Track your body measurements to see progress in fat loss and muscle gain
•Input your measurements and graph your weight, BMI and % Body Fat
•Stream videos of each exercise or download them to take with you
•Each day is a different workout so you maximize each workout
•Workouts focus on specific muscle groups to maximize proper muscle development
•Lifts are scientifically developed and proven to isolate muscles for maximum gain
•Keep track of the weight you use for each exercise
•Stay on track by engaging your ZimFit workout with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
•Challenge and track your friends’ progress and easily update your status by hitting a button to let everyone know that you just got your ‘butt kicked’ by Steve Zim!

Go To http://www.zimfit.com for more information

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Precio: 1,45€
Version: 1.2
Requiere Android: 1.6 y versiones superiores
Tamaño: 9,4M
Fecha: 16 de mayo de 2012

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